Our Standard Products

Our standard product is a carport designed around either 60 cell or 72 cell framed panels oriented with 3 in portrait.  Standard tilt angles are 15 degree standard and 10 degree for high wind areas or for specific aesthetics.

The design is based upon a post and beam design with the two structural elements being a welded steel frame that is one piece.  The long rails (stringers) that typically run approximately east to west are able to hand various spans from 10 to 20 feet.  These stringers are predrilled and attach to the post & beam assembly with only a few bolts.  To complete the frame work we utilize an aluminum “slide- in” rail system by PV Racking; using no clamps with the solar panels merely sliding in and locking in place with a “module stopper” at each end of the rail system. This type of design allows a crew of two to install up to 20 kW in a single day once the foundations have been built.

The post and beam assembly can be configured in many styles and the colors available are only limited by your imagination.  In addition, various architectural enhancements such as braces, hangers, benches and plant shelves and even metal cutout art can be included for a small additional charge.